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Mutex – single instance of program – VB – Winforms

February 19, 2015

Three ways to use mutexes to guarantee that your VB.Net winforms application only runs one instance at a time on a given host.
I don’t know why I redid this three times yesterday – I must have made some mistake that led me to believe that the first two tries weren’t working!

Public Class globals

Public Shared unique_mutex As Mutex

' flavor: TryOpenExisting
Public Shared Function guarantee_unique_instance_of_program() As String
Dim sMutexName As String = "Global\VcProcessPaymentsMutex"
Dim bAlreadyExisting As Boolean = False
Dim bFirstTimeCreated As Boolean = False


bAlreadyExisting = Mutex.TryOpenExisting(sMutexName, globals.unique_mutex)

Select Case bAlreadyExisting
Case True
Return "FAILURE Instance already running"
Case False
globals.unique_mutex = New Mutex(False, sMutexName, bFirstTimeCreated)
Return "SUCCESS"
End Select

End Function

' I think this is the ScottGu method (more or less)
Public Shared Function guarantee_unique_instance_of_program_GOOD3() As String
Dim bFirstTimeCreated As Boolean = False
globals.unique_mutex = New Mutex(False, "Global\VcProcessPaymentsMutex")
If (Not unique_mutex.WaitOne(0, False)) Then
Return "FAILURE Instance already running"
Return "SUCCESS"
End If
End Function

Public Shared Sub release_mutex()
End Sub

' this is the "FirstTimeCreated" flavor
' ALSO GOOD (why did I redo this yesterday?)
' flavor: TryOpenExisting
Public Shared Function guarantee_unique_instance_of_program_GOOD2() As String

'1) try to open one that is existing
Dim bTryToOpenExisting As Boolean = False
bTryToOpenExisting = Mutex.TryOpenExisting("Global\VcProcessPaymentsMutex", unique_mutex)
If (bTryToOpenExisting) Then
Return "FAILURE Instance already running"
End If

' 2) if it didn't exist yet, then create it
Dim bFirstTimeCreated As Boolean = False
Using unique_mutex As New Mutex(False, "Global\VcProcessPaymentsMutex", bFirstTimeCreated)

If (Not bFirstTimeCreated) Then ' this should never be hit
Return "FAILURE Instance already running"
End If

End Using

Return "SUCCESS"

End Function


Advertisements mvc – mixing razor code with css

June 26, 2014

1) vb syntax
2) purpose: hide/show a div from razor (I realize it’s possible to do this easily in jquery)

the page/view:
Html.BeginForm(“results”, “Results” )



the css:
.dvPaging {
height: 20px;

the razor code:
I think it’s best to do what we need in a function.
I put presentation layer code in my view model

‘ purpose – called by the css to show or hide the paging section based on whether there are more than
‘ one page or not
Public Function NotPaged() As String
Dim sRet As String = “”
If (Not isPagination) Then sRet = “display:none; height:0px;”
Return sRet
End Function