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visual studio poltergeist?

July 18, 2014

Visual Studio or somebody is looping infinitely on my web page!

Whenever I started my debugger, something would hit one of my pages (not me) – in a loop – and I had no idea what it was. I booted the pc, and it went away.

The way I could tell the problem was happening was that the victim page was missing some inputs and throwing exceptions in the code behind.

I don’t let our junior developers know about this kind of stuff – they believe in poltergeists as it is. (I hate to hear those uninformed anti-Microsoft rants…)

Wow – the poltergeist came back! Why? (what is stuck or hung in there?)

I killed a worker process for iis in task manager — no help.

I restarted IIS
net stop w3svc
net start w3svc

that fixed it!