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problems upgrading website to 4.0

March 29, 2012


Failing to upgrade the website:

Search on “this project is targeting 2.0” returns 2 results:



I don’t think either of those 2 guys got it to work.



This post might possibly miss some things I did to get it to work … for example, in IIS manager I put the websites in question into the 4.0 pool.


Editing the solution file with a text editor and comparing the failing web site to another website solution I built that was made in .Net 4.0, after running the wizard and crashing visual studio 2010 many times (similarly to what the guys above posted).



Luckily for me, all I had to do was change this line to 4.0, and the solution built.


Here’s what some of the failure screens looked like along the way:


Advertisements 1.1 set page title in code

October 29, 2009

This is easy:
in aspx

in form load:
sParam = Request.Params(“strkey”) & “”
‘Me.HtmlTitle.TagName = sParam
Session(“title”) = sParam