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Ghost Process Writing to Visual Studio 2008 Debug Immediate Window

November 4, 2009

If you’ve never seen something like this, you might not believe it.

In debugging a website running under, I had debug.print lines from another website appearing in the immediate window.
They stopped if:
1) I shut down IIS (of course, that killed my debugging as well)
2) I detached the asp_wp worker process from the debugger (and then I couldn’t debug my own project)
3) killing the asp_wp processes from Task Manager gave a brief respite, but the messages started again once the worker process was reactivated.

What I finally did, and this is a temporary fix, is to luckily guess the offending website under IIS, and rename the directory. Now, that website is not able to be browsed.

I had only one instance of IE or any other browser open during the time when I was trying to fix the problem. (generally I have many open)

I suspected some scheduled process browsing to the website – that is still a possibility.
Also, I suspect a coding practice of mine, which is to use some debug logging code in static (vb – shared) functions. Perhaps IIS is for some reason opening this virtual directory? (I know I said web site above, but actually I mean a virtual directory under the same website running in the same IIS .Net 2 process.)
Also, the virtual directory in question was the last one in alphabetical order of all my virtual directories.

I did not search Knowledge Base about this. It’s something I’ve lived with for weeks, at least, and just ignored, until this AM.