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when visual studio debugging doesn’t work right

August 26, 2009

I have had issues both with visual studio 2008 using cassini and even also with visual studio 2003!

Here is the issue:
I need to trace into some code in a code-behind web page, but visual studio decides not to trace to my breakpoint, but just displays the page.

I think the root cause is related to:
1) multiple instances of aspnet_wp.exe that seem to somehow get created (I run the debugger literally hundreds of times a day, and the extra cassini instances do happen)
2) weird hidden iexplore.exe processes that are left hanging out there messing around with my new debug instance
3) some weird state that my local iis has gotten into (especially for 2003)

And that’s about the extent of the theory that I understand.

1) restart iis with net stop w3svc, net start w3svc (for 2003)
2) killing the unwanted cassini instances
3) killing iexplore.exe processes from task manager (this means you have to listen to pandora with Firefox!)
4) and/or restarting visual studio