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Hiccup with visual studio 2005

March 26, 2008

OK, this was a strange one.
I’m sure this is not a visual studio bug, but it’s something you ought to know.


The cause turned out to be that a few weeks ago I copied the production web site
into a folder called “Backup” on my local host and I hadn’t rebuilt the project
since then.

But my backup folder was inside the project web directory.

That is a bad thing.

For one issue, there was a separate web.config file contained in this backup
directory. For another, there was compiled code.

Just getting rid of the folder fixed the problem.


Pictures of two sharepoint sites

March 10, 2008

We had our own look and feel, and we decided to plug the sharepoint components into our look and feel, as opposed to trying to modify the sharepoint style sheets and master pages to be more similar to our styles.

One site:



Poetic calendar

March 10, 2008

I’m trying a new way to schedule projects, and I’m calling it “poetic calendar”, because the dates aren’t numbers, they’re images. Or seasons. For example, I’m trying to finish a piece of a project I’m working on before my forsythia bushes bloom. And I want a beta version of the entire package done before the dogwoods bloom.

So the good news is, it’s hard to get depressed about being late because how can you be late when you’re competing with a flowering forsythia? And also, when you associate your project with a living icon, then I think it tricks your mind into working more productively. At least I hope so.

The bad news is, can you imagine what your boss or your accounting department is going to say when you say their project will be built before first frost?

Maple sap runs
Forsythia in full bloom
Crocus in bloom
Cherry image007.jpg
ripe dewberries
wild blackberries
Day Lilies
Black Eyed Susan
first ripe tomato
ripe peach
harvest moon
Sugar maple peak colors
first frost
first snow in mountains
Rockefeller Square Christmas tree
Winter image034.jpg